Route 66 Day 1 (Chicago to Bloomington)

Illinois 66 Sign

Illinois 66 Sign

Morning everybody, just about to go down for breakfast here in Bloomington, got a little 4 door compact for the journey thank god it has got air con, as highest temperature indicated today was 87f degrees (uk 30c) so it’s getting warm, uneventful day to report actually drove into downtown Chicago which was an interesting experience, the drivers here are so patient, especially when foreigner’s get lost!!!!, I hasten to add just a temporary hiccup, until I get used to the signage.

Still once out on the open road no further detours were required, apart from those forced on you by the road works, and their were a lot of road works, Its like being back home, but with big signs saying getting the nation back to work, still I did manage to pass one of Route 66’s many Icons and that was the Launch Pad Cafe, stopped by and had a chat with the owner and a cup of coffee.

More tommorrow

Andy G

Giant Space Man outside the Launch Pad cafe

Giant Space Man outside the Launch Pad cafe


~ by memoriesofroute66 on September 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Route 66 Day 1 (Chicago to Bloomington)”

  1. Detours forced by roadworks? – I’m not so sure you have got out of warminster,Channel 4 are running Jamie’s American Road Trip and I was just wondering if Gordon Ramsay paid for your air fare as no-one is watching it we are all following you – well that’s a little white lie as I was awake in bed with me notebook and you know who watching del potro get the better of roger. The spaceman reminds me of one of those characters in that space sci fi series which you are old enough to remember (robbie the robot? and a pretty girl with a short skirt). I hope your little car is being kind to you and you forgot to pack your tartan boxers as all things scottish do not appear to be flavour of the month for some unknown reason.
    I hope you had a good flight -top of the news over here is some woman getting drunk,snogging some bloke, flashing her knickers and neglecting her child on a flight back to uk (yes that’s the highbrow bbc for you) I suspect the gossip is not about her flashing her pants -it’s prob all about a member of the guiness family travelling cattle class(or steerage – if you’re from cowboyland?) with the rest of us.Just listened to susan boyles version of Wild Horses – so that’s a xmas cd coming my way I guess. If it’s (USA) really like the movies -love is all around us – grant,nighy etc those friendly american girls are being super nice to you which i’m sure your fine about as long as they keep their hand off your camera!!!! Safe, funny and interesting travelling andy

  2. lost in space came to mind – but robbie got around

  3. Nice stuff. I would like to see someone do an overview of the actual signs that were used on US Highway 66 the real name. My contribution to that effort can be seen in “Flicker Images” here:


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